4 reasons why your practice needs appointment reminders automation.

4 reasons why your practice needs appointment reminders automation.

Balancing family, careers, hobbies, and many other activities can cause your patients to forget about or neglect their health. A scheduled appointment at your orthopedic practice may have slipped their mind. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. No-shows can have a significant impact on your bottom line, increase attrition, and reduce patient satisfaction.

However, appointment reminders can help you minimize the disruptive effects of no-shows, among other advantages. Here are some of the reasons why your orthopaedic practice should use appointment reminders.

1. fewer no-shows

People who rely on memory to keep track of their commitments are more likely to forget about upcoming appointments. These patients may have good intentions, but they are prone to forgetting doctor's appointments, vet appointments, or salon visits. Even the most organized patients may fail to show up for a scheduled appointment at your practice. No-shows, fortunately, are among the easiest to resolve when it comes to your practice not reaching its full potential.

Appointment reminders sent by text or email a few days before and on the day of the appointment can help your patients clear their schedules at that time.

This means they will visit your practice and help to reduce the number of missed appointments in your orthopedic practice. Implementing appointment reminders and other scheduling policies can make a significant difference in reducing no-shows at your practice.

2. Enhance the Patient Experience

Text or email reminders for orthopedic appointments can improve the patient experience. To begin, your patients will have an easy and quick way to communicate with your practice. Appointment reminders also allow you to cultivate relationships with your patients.

Sending personalized appointment reminders shows your patients that they are important to your practice. Patients appreciate the effort, and it contributes to patient loyalty by removing the need for them to seek orthopedic care elsewhere.

3. Improve the Efficiency of Your Front Office

When patients realize they will be late for their appointment, they may call to cancel or reschedule. Alternatively, your front office may be tasked with locating missed appointments.

The long, ineffective, and sometimes frustrating game of phone tag can have an impact on the efficiency of your front office staff. Automated reminders provide patients with an easier way to communicate, making rescheduling a breeze. Patients who receive automated appointment reminders can reschedule directly from the reminder message.

Instead of endless phone calls, your patients will appreciate the simplified rescheduling process. Furthermore, an automated process frees up your staff, allowing them to focus on providing a better care experience to your patients when they come in for an appointment. Finally, automation capabilities improve the efficiency of your orthopedic practice's scheduling process.

4. Enhances Health Outcomes

The goal of any orthopedic practice is to keep their patients health on track and to help them live a better life. However, missing appointments means patients are not getting the care they require.

If a patient fails to keep their appointments, their orthopedic problems may worsen, and proposed treatment plans may be abandoned. Your patients will know when to come in if you use appointment reminders.


One of the most significant advantages of automating office tasks such as appointment reminders is that your front-office staff is immediately empowered to increase their value at your practice. Rather than spending hours on routine tasks, they manage smooth, efficient processes that attract and satisfy new patients, directly contributing to your practice's success.