SEO Tips to try this holiday season

SEO Tips to try this holiday season

Medical SEO Tips to ace your marketing game

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and consumers are getting ready for a frenzied shopping spree. Additionally, this is the time of year when businesses go head-to-head with one another in an effort to draw in as many customers as possible. 

What plan do you have to win over your customers and generate record-breaking sales this holiday season? It's the ideal time to revamp your medical SEO tactics, include holiday-specific elements in your optimization procedure, and put strategies in place that will increase website traffic. In fact, you could miss out on a significant opportunity for increased sales by failing to properly set up your online store and interact with your customers.  

Here are a few extremely practical suggestions for increasing traffic, making better SEO for medical practice, and improving this holiday season: 

Refresh the architecture of your website 

Your website's architecture is very important because having an online presence is crucial for e-commerce businesses. The architecture essentially controls the communication between the server and your website. It guarantees that you achieve your business objectives while providing a wonderful user experience. Making sure that every web page on your site contributes consistently to the overall search engine optimization should be one of your top priorities. Your e-commerce website's performance will consequently be enhanced. 


The overall site architecture typically consists of web hosting, applications set up on the hosting server, and add-ons, plugins, and extensions that are essential to the site's smooth operation. 

Various e-commerce sites experience a sharp increase in traffic during the holiday shopping season that can quickly become unmanageable. A similar circumstance might cause the website to crash. Therefore, you must oversee server management for security, support, bandwidth, and speed to prevent something similar from happening to your website. Here, a potent web hosting service like Hostpresto can efficiently manage every aspect of your website and guard against it collapsing under the weight of excessive traffic. To put it another way, the architecture is crucial to raising your search engine rankings.  

Optimize Your Sitelinks 

Sitelinks are clickable links to website subpages that are displayed beneath specific Google listings to aid users in navigating the website. They facilitate navigation by including crucial links in the search results. Sitelinks simplify the user interface by providing quick shortcuts to the pages users want to access. Additionally, sitelinks increase the visibility of your website by giving your ads more room, which results in higher click-through rates (CTR). 

The pertinent sitelinks are depicted in the following figure: 

  • Search snippet with sitelinks from social triggers  
  • Utilize the appropriate internal linking structure 

Internal linking is a critical component of your SEO for medical practice because search engines rank individual pages in SERPs rather than entire websites. Since your e-commerce website must have hundreds of pages, in addition to the home page, all of which must receive traffic. Internal linking is useful in this situation. 

For instance, when your homepage is linked to a product page, some of the homepage's link juice is transferred to the product page. You can also link to the relevant product page from blogs or informational materials.  

Embrace the breadcrumb navigation 

This is yet another effective method for pointing visitors to different key pages on your e-commerce website. Since it shouldn't use your primary website's navigation structure, it is also referred to as the "secondary navigation." Its main benefit is that it makes it simpler for users to navigate through your website and for search engines to crawl through.  

A product category-based breadcrumb is depicted in the above image to help you navigate the website and locate yourself in the hierarchy. 

Make the website mobile-friendly. 

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly because more and more people are using smartphones and tablets for online shopping. Statista estimates that $1.8 trillion in total mobile e-commerce sales were made in January 2018. In 2021, it's anticipated to reach $3.56. According to a different study, 30% of customers are likely to give up on a transaction if the website is not mobile-friendly. 

These figures unequivocally demonstrate the value of a mobile-friendly website. In fact, Google rewards mobile-responsive websites by granting them a higher ranking in search results. Additionally, people use their smartphones more frequently over the holidays to chat, browse, and shop. 

Why make your website mobile friendly 

 You require a responsive design in order to make your website mobile-friendly. A responsive web page changes its layout in accordance with the user's screen size by detecting and identifying the user's device. You can successfully improve the user experience of your e-commerce site with responsive design. You can offer a unified or omnichannel shopping experience in this way. 

Include accurate listings for local businesses 

Your neighborhood customers will start making their shopping lists and looking for the items at nearby stores as soon as the holiday season starts. To rank in local search results, it is crucial to maintain consistent and accurate references to your business' name, address, and phone number (NAP). 

It's time to review outdated listings and update them if they include outdated contact information, such as an old business address, phone number, or email address. 

the enhancement of local business listings  

The reasoning behind this is straightforward: if your customers can't reach you, your business will suffer. Additionally, it shows how poorly you have planned and makes you appear unprofessional. As a result, your location data management needs to have up-to-date NAP data as well as actual driving instructions to the store. 

To create and manage your local citations, identify NAP problems, and discover fresh, high-quality citation sites, you can also use tools like BrightLocal or TribeLocal. Making the entire filtering process for listings simple, quick, and effective will be possible.  

 Include holiday-focused pay-per-click marketing 


You shouldn't be surprised to learn that many people begin looking for Christmas presents as early as October. The holiday season, which is when traffic levels start to spike, is said to start after Halloween. You need to start digital marketing for doctors' campaigns at this precise moment. It will ensure that before they begin their shopping spree, your company is on their minds. 

A recent statistic shows that during the holidays, direct traffic increases by 150% and ad impressions by 50%. Due to the increased holiday traffic, which results in more clicks and better buyer intent, there is a huge increase in PPC spending during this season. 

If you're considering running PPC holiday advertisements, you need to adjust your campaigns to include keywords related to the holiday season. 

Make your content appealing so that readers will want to click on the ads to learn more about what you have to offer. Use precise numbers, such as percentage off, and express prices in dollars. Additionally, you can use ad extensions to distinguish your advertisements from the competition. 

By adding extensions like Magento Order Management to the site, which will improve the order process and enable users to manage multiple orders comparatively easily, you can make your e-commerce transaction process user-friendly.  

Make use of social media 

Your SEO efforts may fail if you don't use social media strategically during the holidays. Social media platforms are very useful for increasing the generation of organic traffic. Popular websites like Facebook and YouTube are very effective at driving traffic to your website, whereas Instagram and Pinterest have a strong visual presence and allow users to browse images for inspiration. 

Utilizing relevant, popular hashtags with a holiday theme on social media will give your brand the much-needed online visibility boost it needs to increase sales. Additionally, your target market will anticipate that your company will be present and active on social media. 

Through these social media platforms, you can entice potential customers with special and distinctive offers, alluring coupons, and improved customer service. Just make sure you are available to respond to their inquiries or concerns. 

It's crucial to fully comprehend your target audience if you want to use social media posts to deliver the best messaging and content. Your understanding of their requirements, preferences, purchasing patterns, and product preferences can help you tailor their shopping experience. In fact, when retailers add a personal touch, online shoppers are 40% more likely to make a purchase.  

You can access important customer data by using some of the built-in social media tools. You can learn what content your audience enjoys and engages with, for instance, using Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. You can learn a little bit more about your website's audience and their preferences using Google Analytics. 

In Summary 

The holidays are upon us, and businesses and consumers are gearing up in their own ways for this big season. 

If your website and business already have a solid Medical SEO  foundation, a few tweaks and adjustments based on these tips will keep you ahead of your competitors and at the top of the search results. 

If you’re just getting started for the holidays, these holiday SEO tips are a great place to start while you build out your larger digital marketing and SEO campaigns. And if you’re just getting started now, check out to get started.