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Practice Crown offers an end-to-end Practice Management kit that helps you launch your practice online. Better engagement, better patient communication, and everything related to that, on a single click.

Online Booking Appointment

Online Booking Appointment

Empower your patients with an easier online...

Online Booking Appointment

Empower your patients with an easier online appointment booking flow at their convenience.

Digital check-in

Digital check-in

Increase patient convenience by ...

Increase patient convenience by taking basic and insurance details online, before the appointment.

Digital check-in


Conduct virtual treatment calls through...

Conduct virtual treatment calls through an easy to setup and secure HIPAA-compliant connection.

Digital check-in

Reputation Management

View and manage your online reviews...

View and manage your online reviews for a real-time insight on your precious practice reputation.

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Website Development

Practice Crown provides you with a completely...

Practice Crown provides you with a completely functional, and optimized website for not just a strong social proof but also a digital cloud platform for your practice.

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Inventory Management

Grow your business with complete control...

Grow your business with complete control and get set for the future with the best inventory management module!

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Practice Crown offers excellent SEO...

Practice Crown offers excellent SEO services for your practice website. Our experts curate customized campaigns that have the power to make you visible online.

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Digital marketing

Practice Crown assists you in creating...

Practice Crown assists you in creating impactful digital marketing campaigns on platforms like google and yelp. Our campaigns will help you to reach your ideal audience.

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Marketing Campaigns

Practice Marketing Campaigns that aid in better...

Practice Marketing Campaigns that aid in better patient communication and engagement.

Your practice is special and so are its problems

Catering to diverse needs

“94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate practices.”

Practice Crown provides you better Practice IT solutions with dynamic plans for the diverse problems practices' face. We provide flexible and helpful practice management solutions for all digital concerns of your practice.

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Your practice is special and so are its problems

 Why choose Practice Crown? 

Better online presence

Who doesn't like a practice that books appointments faster, provides easy appointment rescheduling options, and sends reminders via push notifications? Practice Crown enhances your current services and makes you the best amongst the crowd.

We are everything you need, At one place
We assure the safest and the simplest check-in

Efficient appointment scheduling

Everyone desires quick and hassle-free online appointment booking system and that's where we slide in. Practice Crown helps your practice with a strong sign-in interface that reduces errors and increases patient comfort.

Telemedicine experience

Practice Crown enables your practice with a platform that lets you connect with your patients through seamless video connections. Our Telemedicine services facilitates you to treat patients anywhere around the world without any extra hassle.

After covid-19, Telemedicine is the new normal.
Automation is the key to more patients

Front office automation

Build a practice with automatic appointment reminder texts, appointment confirmation texts, and rescheduling options. Automation ensures negligible patient cancellations and real-time tracking of your practice management. Track your results in real-time, for all your practice metrics, rankings, and growth.

Medical SEO that boosts your website

We empower you with extraordinary and result-producing marketing strategies that make you visible in front of the customers who are looking for you without you sacrificing your precious time. Upgrade your search results with better keywords to increase traffic to your practice website.

Our SEO will leave you SERP-rised
Streamlined Operations with Better

Secure EMR/EHR Integrations

We assist you with the most secure EMR implementation and EHR implementation to protect sensitive patient data and information. It not only protects information but also makes the online appointment booking process easier.

Increased Staff Efficiency.

Expand your practice management with better communication with your patients like text messages, emails, social media platforms that strengthens your patient connections, and all of this without hiring extra staff and fussy paperwork. Magic!

Enjoy extra patients without hiring extra staff
Transform your practice into a patient magnet

Better patient flow

With our intelligent tools, we offer digital Practice marketing services that highlights the uniqueness of your practice. We are social champs that generate appointment-ready patients for your practice.

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