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68 percent of patients, are more likely to choose medical providers who allow them to book, change, or cancel appointments online

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Why choose online appointment booking system?


Better practice


Reduce patient


Available round
the clock


Convenience and

Deliver better

Deliver better p
atient experience

Make an unforgettable experience with Online Appointment booking

When a new patient finds your practice – most likely through Google or another website – their natural next step is to visit your website and learn more about it. They'll want to make an appointment if your website conveys the correct information, an inviting message, and delivers what they're looking for.

But what if they don't have the time to call? They may write down your phone number but forget about it, prompting them to restart their search, which may or may not lead them back to your website. You accept the risk of losing to competitors. By allowing an interested new patient to book an appointment online right away on your website, you keep the momentum going and capture that patient.

Make an unforgettable
Patients choose

Patients choose practices with better Online appointment scheduling system

Why is it that many people prefer making patient appointments online? On a computer or mobile device, the procedure can be completed during or after regular business hours, and it is frequently quicker. In fact, patients are increasingly looking for consumer-centric features when selecting a practice, and online appointments are one of them. Most patients consider it important to be able to schedule, modify, or cancel appointments online, according to recent research from the consulting firm. Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for Online appointment scheduling system:

  • Empower patients with an access to self-schedule or make appointments whenever possible
  • Reduce the amount of manual work your call center or clinic schedulers do
  • From a single screen, manage incoming appointments and requests.
  • Automatically notify patients of their appointment times
  • Learn detailed information regarding your appointment schedule, including the referral sources.

Why do you need Online appointment scheduling?

For patient’s needs

For patient’s needs

“According to GetApp, more than a quarter of patients (26%) prefer online scheduling because it allows them to choose a convenient appointment time.”

Online scheduling is becoming increasingly popular. Many of your competitors provide this feature, which is causing patients to gravitate toward their practices rather than yours.

For your staff needs

All appointments must be booked over the phone in the absence of an online scheduling system. This means that your front office staff is spending a significant portion of their day on the phone, performing a task that could easily be automated.

This results in longer hold times for patients who do need to speak with someone.

For your staff needs
or your needs

For your needs

By automating your patient appointment scheduling, you can easily track data that would otherwise be lost. Your online appointment booking software can provide useful information such as peak hours and most popular services.

Having this information readily available will make it easier to meet the needs of patients

Reduce employee

Reduce employee burnouts by efficient appointment scheduling software

By reducing tedious, menial tasks, increasing value-added duties, and streamlining office operations, you can save time and money. Online scheduling can help on all fronts.

Front desk staff at practices that don't offer online scheduling are doing a juggling act that can't be sustained. The workload is overwhelming between scheduling appointments, answering incoming phone calls and inquiries, and meeting the needs of patients during their visits. Many practices waste hours each week manually scheduling patients when online scheduling systems can accommodate patients' convenience preferences while also freeing up front desk staff time.

Fill empty slots with practice Crown

Every vacant appointment slot costs you money. Because many patients may reimburse at a lower rate than your fee schedule, you must have calculated your visit charges based on your costs. Therefore, you are losing money that you need to succeed in business if you do not fill those appointment slots on your calendar. An average visit to a healthcare provider costs between $100 and $150. If you give clients 30 appointment slots per day and only fill 20 of them, you could lose up to $2,000 in business. Online scheduling could be very useful for same-day and last-minute appointments because it can help you fill open timeslots.

Fill empty slots with practice Crown
Make better decisions for your practice

Make better decisions for your practice 

Trying to control the expansion of a successful medical practice? Or do you want to increase the effectiveness of your operations? No matter the size of your practice, the thorough reporting provided by online scheduling systems will aid you in making wiser choices. The majority of online systems for scheduling appointments offer the following reports:

  • Amount of no-shows on a regular basis
  • total appointments made by each employee
  • Comparison of productivity by week
  • The quantity of appointments that were scheduled as a result of marketing and promotion
  • complete appointment history for a patient

This precise and convenient access to crucial data can support your practice's short- and long-term strategic decisions.

>Patients prefer

Patients prefer practices that provide online appointment scheduling.

Patients can make their own appointments.

Patients can make their own appointments.

Scheduling automation.

Scheduling automation.

Online scheduling

Online scheduling alleviates administrative burdens for employees.

Staff can provide

Staff can provide a better patient experience by scheduling appointments online.

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