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According to studies, 85 percent of consumers prefer text messages to phone calls or emails, and text messaging's rapid adoption has spread far beyond personal use. Text messaging is a powerful tool for patient care that ensures patients arrive on time for their appointments.

Why choose Practice Crown Text Messaging services ?

Connect with potential patients


Connect with potential patients


Connect with potential patients

Easy to set-up and use

Connect with potential patients

Pre-installed Chatbots

Text messaging can help you improve your relationship with patients.

Practices can employ patient text messaging to provide near-instant responses to important queries for patients who aren't quite ready to schedule an appointment. Practices can send automated messages to existing patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment, pay a bill, or fill out a digital registration form, all while addressing consumer desire for digital interactions and convenience.

Text messaging is a powerful tool for patient care

Not just messaging, we follow ethical Text Messaging

Because some people may consider unsolicited texting to be a violation of their privacy, getting permission is always a good idea, while making sure to emphasize the benefits to them.

Practice Crown helps you establish a responding machine

We start by categorizing the potent responses to our messages. We then develop and automate some standard responses for each one of them. This will require you to be on your toes but attention and care are everything your patients are looking for.

Practice Crown helps you choose the right messaging platforms

Numerous applications can assist businesses in sending text messages to their consumers, but selecting the incorrect platform might cause additional problems for both patients and practices. Select a HIPAA-compliant instrument to avoid invading patient privacy.

Increase conversions on your practice website

When a potential patient comes to your website, they are most likely looking for help. To guarantee you don't miss out on a new patient, put a conspicuous call-to-action on your website, whether it's through your office phone number, online scheduling, text message, or all three.

By allowing visitors to communicate with you via text directly from your website, you're introducing a new type of call-to-action that promises prospective patients a more informal, faster communication experience than a phone call. Allowing patients to text your practice for an appointment is more convenient for them and keeps your phone lines free.

Text reminders can help you increase your revenue.

As text reminders work their magic in reminding patients to attend their appointments, you can concentrate on service delivery and serve more customers. More customers imply more money, more revenue, and consistent business growth.

Listening to your patients allows you to assess the level of customer satisfaction and areas that require improvement in order to provide the best possible customer experience. With an appointment reminder service that includes text reminders, you can collect customer satisfaction and use it to improve your business by simply sending them a feedback message.