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In this modern era there is a reminder for everything. From arriving parcels to arriving cabs, everything has an email appointment reminder or text appointment reminder , then why not have an automated reminders for upcoming appointments at your medical practice. Do you know 40-80% information given out by medical staff is forgotten immediately? After this expecting patience for an appointment 10 days later seems foolish, right? doctors appointment reminder helps to release office efficiency alongside saving tons of valuable time of your staff. Automated appointment reminders are a matter of convenience for both patients and providers.

Doctors appointment reminder is the first step to better patient communication and satisfaction, it gives power to the patients to confirm or reschedule appointments in just one click increasing patient convenience.

  • Get Automated
  • Simple to set-up
  • Saves time
  • Streamlines workflow


Remind your patients
for less no-show

One of the best things about automating office tasks like appointment reminders is that it empowers your front-office staff to increase their value at your practice almost immediately. Practice Crown automates appointment reminders, patient satisfaction surveys, and other office tasks for healthcare practices, and integrates with many popular practice management and EMR/EHR systems.

Reduce missed appointments with our helpful reminder service. We understand the importance of your time and want to ensure you receive the care you need without any unnecessary delays. Our automated system sends timely reminders to keep you on track, minimizing missed appointments and maximizing your healthcare experience.


Why should you choose
Practice Crown solutions?

Choose Practice Crown Appointment Reminder Service for seamless scheduling and enhanced patient care. Our automated reminders ensure your patients never miss an appointment, reducing no-show rates and increasing revenue. With customizable features and easy integration, streamline your practice management while providing exceptional service to your patients.

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HIPPA Compliant

Our platform ensures the highest standards of data security, adhering strictly to HIPAA regulations.

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Reminder through email, SMS / text.

Stay organized with our convenient reminder system, delivering timely notifications via email or SMS/text.

Efficient Communication

Utilize automated appointment reminders to streamline communication processes.

Minimize Care Interruptions

Reduce disruptions in care delivery, ensuring a smoother and more consistent healthcare experience for patients.

How can
Practice Crown
Help you?

This is appreciated by patients who might dodge the traditional reminder calls. Practice crown carefully peruses your patient demographics and decides the better mode of communication (text/email). We provide numerous templates to edit, set and schedule reminders. With Practice Crown, doctors have to select the text adjust the reminder frequency choose the preferred time and voila it's done.


Easy to integrate

Our software integrates into an existing system. It is accessible from any web-connected device. This enables practitioners to stay up to date on appointments and reminders while on the move.

How much happier would your staff be knowing that there was no need for them to rush off if they were visiting a patient or at a conference off-site? They can access the software on-the-go and at any time to check for updates.

Medical practices are busy places. You are dealing with a lot of detailed information throughout the day and it is easy to forget tasks.

Having a system that documents your communication with patients can reduce your stress.

Our cloud-based system allows you to store and manage contacts in a central location. You can input data with ease. You can save documents relating to appointments, so all the information is easily accessed when the patient arrives.

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