Do you know medical providers spend 49.5% of their total time on deskwork and EHR duties?

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Why choose Digital Patient Check-In Systems?

Fully customized and
dynamic patient forms

Secure and fully
HIPPA complaint

Stress free automated

Better practice

How can practice Crown help you?

Practice Crown enables with efficient digital patient check-in which comes with opportunities to save administrative time depending on how your front office manages intake information (attaching it to the patient record in the EMR, manually entering it into the system). Practice Crown's comprehensive Online patient check-in allows patients to upload images and ensures that certain data fields are correctly filled out.

Allowing the patient to complete forms on their own time provides you with greater assurance that the information is correct. When they arrive at your practice, you can always confirm any item — one question or clarification is far more appealing than a packet of paper.

What does patient check in system offer?

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  • Automatically confirming appointments ahead of time to optimize scheduling
  • Proactive eligibility verification to streamline claims and reimbursement; and the ability to provide a digital waiting room
  • Minimizing contact and waiting time while promoting social distancing
  • Getting rid of pens, clipboards, paperwork, ID cards, and credit cards
  • Reducing your administrative staff's workload or allowing you to manage a smaller staff.
  • Get services like Credit Card on File, Customized Fields, Clinical Questionnaire, Consent Forms, e-Signature that will increase patient convenience

Why should you choose Practice Crown digital patient check-in?

Bid goodbye to poor

Bid goodbye to poor
patient experience

Reduce manual work 
                            and human errors

Reduce manual work and human errors

No risk of loosing 
                            patient data

No risk of loosing
patient data

Increased patient 

Increased patient convenience

The worst patient experience: A case study

Imagine a patient entering your practice, the first thing thing you do is hand them a clipboard with forms. They may have to mentally go over years of medical history, look for contact phone numbers, copy insurance card information, sign HIPAA forms, and other tasks.

It is not an overstatement to say that a positive patient experience is at stake. Filling out forms in the waiting room is not only a bad way to start a visit, but it can also lengthen the wait. According to a patient survey results, 59 percent of patients become frustrated after waiting 20 minutes to see the doctor. Any opportunity to shorten the initial wait gives you a better chance of a satisfied patient later.

Automate Insurance intake for better administration

Insurance companies deal with massive amounts of paperwork and complex workflows. A single quote request from a single customer may appear straightforward. However, it entails a complex interplay of processes across data sources. Insurance automation software eliminates the need for these processes to be handled manually. It facilitates data extraction and all stages of document processing. You can quickly update your customers on the status of their requests. Alternatively, provide self-service portals through which they can access such data in real time. It enables customers to resolve issues on their own or with the assistance of your support team. You can also avoid paperwork-related errors and duplicate data.