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An easier way for patients to check into the clinic from the convenience of their home or office.

Patients can input all the required registration and check-in information before their visit, and they can upload their photo id, insurance card, and credit card information seamlessly into your EMR/EHR.

Reduce patient wait times, front office workload, manual typing errors, improve patient satisfaction, and get paid faster.


Capture Patient Demographics
Photo ID
Insurance Information
Real-time Insurance Eligibility
Insurance Card Image
Payment Collection
Credit Card on File
Customized Fields
Clinical Questionnaire
Consent Forms
Mobile Responsive
HIPAA Compliant
Seamless EMR/EHR Integration

Check-In Automation

Once an appointment is booked, patients are sent a link via text/email to complete their check-in. When patients check-in, all the data is seamlessly transferred to your EMR, resulting in the front office staff spending far less time on paperwork, eliminating paper management, and improved revenue collection.


Real-Time Insurance Eligibility

Verify insurance eligibility in one step, and get paid faster by eliminating inaccuracies, errors, and lag time. Make sure coverage is not lapsed by instantly seeing co-pay amounts and verifying primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits at every interaction.

Improve Efficiency

  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Improve Payment Collections
  • Reduce Claim Denials Due to Data Entry Errors
  • Reduce Patient Waiting
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Save On Printer & Paper Costs
  • Faster Clinical/Patient Workflow


All the patient information gathered by the digital check-in is HIPAA compliant and transmitted securely to your practice’s EMR.