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Search Engine

67.6% of all search clicks go to the first five organic results. With over two-thirds of users clicking on one of the top 5 organic results, SEOs really need to be aiming high.

Practice Crown SEO checklist

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Right Keywords

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Internal Linking

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Meta tags

Why choose SEO for medical practice?

  • Most of healthcare appointments are scheduled online.
  • Search drives 3x more visitors to medical clinics compared to non-discoverable websites.
  • 82.8% patients use search engines to find a urgent care .
  • Medical SEO is also one of the most effective channels as it drives about 1,000% more organic traffic than organic content marketing channels.
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Onpage SEO services optimized site for better discovery

  • Practice crown team works with you to identify relevant keywords to rank better.
  • Suitable, Readable, and call-to-action meta descriptions to impress search engines.
  • Mandatory mobile responsive websites for a seamless experience.
  • Faster Page Speed to an efficient user experience.

Creating better Offpage medical SEO

  • Functional and active backlinks to make your business omnipresent.
  • Listing your business on industry specific domains
  • Excellent, Engaging, and share-worthy online content to build a brand.
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How can bad medical SEO hurt your website?

SEO is incredibly powerful, but only for those who follow best practises and put in the time to lay the groundwork for optimization. Unthoughtful and Unplanned SEO can have disastrous consequences for your business, brand image, causing you to miss out on significant traffic, sales, and revenue opportunities. In some cases, your site can be blocked by search engines.

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