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According to the Adobe 2019 Consumer Email Survey, consumers spend an average of 5 hours per weekday monitoring their personal and professional emails.

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Why is email Marketing important?

Patient involvement is the goal of email marketing for the healthcare industry. Email is the only other marketing asset you can fully own besides your healthcare website. The people on your list are your contacts. Furthermore, they are people who are interested in hearing from you. They explicitly requested that you send them an email when they signed up to receive it from you. How frequently does that occur? Additionally, email marketing is still among the best marketing methods available.

Email marketing is beyond newsletters.

Patient appointment reminders

While sending email appointment reminders is an efficient approach to reduce patient no-shows and boost your patient engagement.

Collect patient reviews

Send automated emails to your patients once they visit your office by integrating with your current EHR/EMR or scheduling software.

Conduct patient experience surveys.

By sending out automated patient experience and satisfaction surveys, you may highlight the practices' strengths and areas for improvement.

Drip marketing

An efficient method for maximizing the efforts of your front office employees when scheduling new patient appointments.

Attract patients with Medical Practice Marketing ideas

Measure the metrics

We help you determine what is and isn't working by carefully monitoring crucial data like open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. We also enable you with options to modify your messages after reviewing.

Send emails at the right time

Even if you send the most captivating email a patient will ever read, it may not be effective if it lands in their inbox at the incorrect moment. We customize experiments with your emails schedule and run them at different times on other days to compare openings and clicks.

Say what's important

People don’t have time to read email sagas since they are busy. As a result, making emails brief and to the point is our approach. Additionally, they also work better on smartphones. Given that four out of ten emails are opened on mobile devices, this is of utmost importance.

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