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Email marketing offers an average ROI of 122%, which is higher than all other digital marketing channels.

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Why is email Marketing important?

Email is the only other marketing asset you can fully own besides your healthcare website. The people on your list are your contacts. Furthermore, they are people who are interested in hearing from you. They explicitly requested that you send them an email when they signed up to receive it from you. How frequently does that occur? Additionally, email marketing is still among the best marketing methods available.

Email marketing is beyond newsletters.

Patient appointment reminders

While sending email appointment reminders is an efficient approach to reduce patient no-shows and boost your patient engagement.

Collect patient reviews

Send automated emails to your patients once they visit your office by integrating with your current EHR/EMR or scheduling software.

Conduct patient surveys.

By sending out automated patient experience and satisfaction surveys, you may highlight the practices' strengths and areas for improvement.

Update & Educate audience

Send emails to update your patients about your practice timings or upcoming holiday for a better channel of communication. 

Attract patients with Medical Practice Marketing ideas

Measure the metrics

We help you determine what is and isn't working by carefully monitoring crucial data like open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. We also enable you with options to modify your messages after reviewing.

Send emails at the right time

Even if you send the most captivating email a patient will ever read, it may not be effective if it lands in their inbox at the incorrect moment. We customize experiments with your emails schedule and run them at different times on other days to compare openings and clicks.

Say what's important

People don’t have time to read email sagas since they are busy. As a result, making emails brief and to the point is our approach. Additionally, they also work better on smartphones. Given that four out of ten emails are opened on mobile devices, this is of utmost importance.

Email marketing can be tricky. Engaging your reader and being clear about what you want them to do in response to your emails is a tad bit challenging. You must captivate the reader's interest and keep it short enough for them to finish reading the entire email. The majority of emails sent are not opened because the average email open rate across all industries is only 21.33%. Consequently, how do you write an email that your recipient will read?  Writing an email is not easy. It's not as simple as just typing your thoughts into an email box and hitting send. More is required to engage your reader and persuade them to comply with your request. However, being able to write emails is important for both your personal and professional life, and Practice Crown can support you in this endeavor.

Practice Crown is a marketing platform with strong tools that make creating, managing, and distributing email marketing campaigns simple. You can create an email that is perfectly suited for your recipient with the help of Practice Crown, which can assist with everything from audience to email template.

  • Connect with potential patients

    Set up your Practice

    Enter your practice details like name email address, and we'll send you an activation email.  Click on the activation link in the email to activate your account.

  • Connect with potential patients

    Get your audience

    Integrate your contacts in the system or automatically get a list of contacts that match your target audience requirements in just one click. 

  • Connect with potential patients

    Set up filters 

    Practice Crown offers a large variety of pre-rendered and customized filters to channelize your audience that fits the frame of your campaign and its requirements. 

  • Connect with potential patients

    Launch a campaign

    After choosing your suitable audience choose a perfect template, decide the images, edit the sample content, verify the details and Viola! you are done. 

  • Connect with potential patients

    Analyze your campaign

    Practice Crown offers a wide range of reports you can examine to inspect the success of your campaign. You can find out how many people visited

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