Do you know that 76 percent of patients who have had a telehealth visit would prefer to continue using it in the future. After covid-19 pandemic Telemedicine services for practices is not a need but a necessity.

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Virtual Cures for every cause

Keeping in touch with current patients during difficult times

Telemedicine services ensure that you can see your patients and deliver care as frequently as possible — and often, more efficiently — whether they are unable to reach your office due to personal or health reasons.

Making new connections with patients

Telemedicine system allows you to connect with patients from all over the world. You can significantly expand your patient base once you are no longer limited to those who can come to your physical office location.

Obtaining reimbursements from a greater number of telehealth appointments

A growing number of private insurance companies are paying healthcare providers for the telemedicine services they provide. Furthermore, in most states, parity laws ensure that payments for telehealth services are equal to payments for in-office services.

Post treatment Care with Practice Crown


Online telemedicine prescriptions that can be emailed to patients or printed on your clinic letterhead.

Consultation Summary

To improve medication adherence, send an email summary to patients that includes key points discussed during your session.

Automated Notes

Get notes about your telemedicine sessions with patients, including goals, medications prescribed, invoices, follow-up appointments, and any care plans you discussed.

Why choose Practice Crown Telemedicine?

HIPPA Compliant

Easy to set up

Fast and Secure

Incremental Revenue

Better ROI

Practice Crown makes virtual visits easy for patients and providers, irrespective of their location. It easily intergrates with other services like online appointment booking and reputation management.

Telemedicine: Trend or need ?

Maintains HCP Connectivity with your Patients

Telemedicine has evolved into the ideal healthcare technology. It's not just about doing your job as a medical professional from a distance; it's also about what you can do with it.

Telemedicine conserves both time and money.

Telemedicine saves both practices and their patients a significant amount of time. Telemedicine allows you to streamline and optimize front-desk functions while also improving patient management systems.

Insurance Policies Include Telemedicine

Medicare and commercial insurance plans have expanded their coverage and reimbursements for telemedicine, making billing for services easier for HCPs and patients. Take note, however, of the various state laws and restrictions regarding insurance plans. While telemedicine is likely to be here to stay, as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, telehealth reimbursement may change.

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